Photo Rock SH 24

Photo Rock SH 24

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size : 15 * 15 CM

pcsBox : 24

Product Description

Photo slate is one kind of polished natural Metamorphic Rocks, specially designed for photo printing. 
sublimation rock slate photo is suitable for flat clamshell press machine and very easy to operate. You personalized Photos printed on the slate with natural texture are different from the traditional photos, very beautiful and outstanding. 
This photo slate is perfect for decoration at home and office, a best choice as gift for friends as well.


Material:natural cleaving stone
Selected advanced and natural cleaving stone and made precisely by the professional craftsman with unique massiness and stereopsis.

2)Three proofing: 
Anti hard light waterproof anti-scratch
The printing surface is honed which is existed the polarising and colourcast seen from any angles . Kept waterproof and anti-scratch away from the damage after proceeding the special coating.

3) Bright-colored:
Bright-colored and keep durable
The printing area would be excellent in the aspect of color fastness and brightness after proceeding the special coating .It makes your image brilliant.


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